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An Introduction

When creating a new website, the temptation to utilize a pre-built, off-the-shelf website theme might be substantial. However, the drawbacks of pre-built website themes are typically overlooked until far later in building a website.

Pre-built themes seem like a good idea since they’re quick and inexpensive, and they look great in previews. But, as the adage goes, you take what you paid for.

Here with Gaurish Technologies, you will know what website themes and some of the most pressing concerns are!

What do you mean by the term “website themes”?

Website templates are pre-designed models ready for you to fill in with your material. In addition, you may find thousands of designs based on your needs and how you want to display your information on the internet.

Pitfalls of Pre-built Website Themes

Following are some critical pitfalls of pre-built website themes:

  1. Having a lot of extra weight
  2. There are a wide variety of features and plugins that may be integrated into pre-built themes to meet various functional and design needs. However, because not all of these features will be utilized, the site will become bloated and unwieldy.On the other hand, custom themes are made to order and only include the necessary features for a particular website.

  3. Requires a lot of resources
  4. It is tough to optimize a site using a pre-built theme since it has various template versions and features. In addition, some need additional plugins to be installed that, if not utilized, are slowing down the site unnecessarily.

  5. Design that restricts freedom
  6. It is tough to optimize a site using a pre-built theme since it has various template versions and features. In addition, some need additional plugins to be installed that, if not utilized, are slowing down the site unnecessarily.A pre-built theme’s customizability varies and is typically confined to the pre-existing templates. As a result, pre-built themes tend to appear and feel the same, making it tough to distinguish them apart.Using a custom theme, the designer may start from scratch and create a unique design tailored to the desired audience. In addition, any pre-existing logo may be blended into a custom theme to give the site a cohesive feel.

  7.  Make Changes to the Dependent
  8. Future version updates will be included in the pre-built themes to repair bugs, patch security holes, and maintain them compatible with newer CMS versions. Many of these depend on the responsiveness of the theme developer, such as when a new theme flaw is identified, or a CMS update comes out. Plugin updates and supplementary licensing may be required if they are not part of the theme update process.A theme update may include significant changes that damage current functionality or design features and require manual correction. This is possible.This leaves themes open to hacking and rendered obsolete by further CMS updates if the developer decides to cease or stop maintaining the theme.

  9.  The quality of the code
  10. You may get a preview of how particular pages and templates will appear before you purchase most themes. Demos like this are great for showing off the design and front-end aspects, but they don’t always allow you to see how well the code works in practice.After the theme has been bought and installed, issues in the theme are more likely to be discovered.

  11.  Limitations of SEO
  12. Before buying a theme, it’s impossible to see whether it’s been properly optimized for search engine optimization (SEO). If the theme is not suitable for SEO best practices, this might impede an SEO campaign from attaining its full potential.

  13.  Support Is Limited
  14. Additional support for purchased themes may vary; most feature a problem reporting system or comment area, mainly dependent on the developer’s responsiveness. After the first purchase, most themes impose a time restriction on the amount of support they will provide for these requests. There may be an extra fee necessary to get a response to a support request after this expires.

  15.  Lack of originality:
  16. Regardless of how unique the data you submit is, the template you choose will not be. You’ll have to work harder to stand apart from the competition if other corporations and enterprises utilize the same.You may, for example, include things like custom icons, photos, and your logo, all of which should be prominently displayed. It’s still possible to tell if a website is a one-off or based on a template.

  17.  Lack of user experience
  18. A template’s aesthetic appeal is undeniable, but it neglects to account for the importance of the whole user experience. Your target customer should have an impression that your website was specifically designed with them in mind.Themes are generic and lack the joy, efficiency, and fun that should be designed with an eye on the target audience when they are used. As a result, your buyer personas may not perform the steps you want them to, which might lead to a purchase choice, which could be something unfavorable.

  19.  Updates are required
  20. To ensure that your website runs effectively, you must be aware of the modifications made regularly. It’s essential to keep in mind that updates are made to fix design flaws, but the site’s content is occasionally impacted. Using a theme may not be the ideal solution if you want to make significant modifications. Changing the template’s appearance or functionality is not something that can be done via the settings. The code will need to be changed, and you’ll need a basic understanding of programming.It’s possible that some of the plugins you require for your website may not be compatible with the version of the template you’ve chosen.

    Summing Up

    As a result of these significant drawbacks, Gaurish Technologies, Gwaliorexclusively develops custom-built website themes – this way, they can ensure the quality and the durability of the sites they design. Unfortunately, as you can see, pre-built themes don’t allow for this.GTPL is a top-tier Gwalior web design and development firm. Clients may count on them for anything from unique website designs to e-commerce shop layouts and everything in between.

    You may receive an estimate for a custom-built website from award-winning Gaurish Technologies, Gwalior, or learn more about Web Design and Development services or any similar topics.