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10 Methods to Get More Subscribers on YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular platforms not only used for entertainment but also can bring great monetary benefits. It has now turned out to be a beneficial source for brands to promote their products and services. But to reach a wide range of audiences, it is important that you have got the right number of subscribers. It will determine your success online.

Keeping an update on the platform and posting videos frequently can have a major impact on the subscriber count. This is why you must stay up-to-date on the platform. This will help get more likes, engagement, and shares. But when it comes to getting subscribers for your YouTube channel, it is way more than simply posting videos.

If you are new to the platform and want to find the remedy that can help you increase your subscribers, then the guide here is just for you. It will help know the ten tips that will increase your subscribers on the platform.

1. Plan your niche properly

The most basic thing you have to do is have a plan. You need to start by identifying the niche you are interested in. No matter whether you are more involved in beauty, fashion, or any other niche, it is important that you plan things accordingly. When you are focusing on one niche, it will allow you to post videos accordingly and target the desired audience.

2. Keep your comment box engaging

You must have as many interactions as possible. For this, you can consider starting to reply to every comment you receive on the video. This will keep your post engaging and will also make the subscribers feel they are appreciated.

3. Structure your content well

No doubt, it is quite common, but when you have well-organized content, and you take it to the right form, this will give you better consistency. It is required for the growth of the channel. Even if the delivery of the content isn’t good, the presentation must be clear. So you need to follow the formula that will help the potential subscribers get the ease to find the required video. You can start by making different categories for the videos.

4. Use the right music to create a mood

To attract the audience, you need to amplify their mood. For this, consider running through a tutorial or even consider some interactive videos. Make sure to use some low electronic or trending music. This will help bring attention to the video. When you use the music creatively, it will bring more viewers to your platform.

5. Recognize the subscriber magnet

Although you might think the subscribers will be able to discover you simply by your popular videos, but this is not true. You need to make it easy for them to identify and subscribe to your channel. For this, consider making use of the subscriber magnet. This is a feature that can be used using YouTube studio. Here you will have to identify your best-performing video to get better conversions and know that video will become your subscriber magnet. When you feature that video as your channel print, it will result in more visitors and help get subscribers.

6. Stay consistent with posting

Staying consistent is crucial. You must see you do not miss any of the schedules for posting. For this, you can come up with reminders. But you must choose quality. When you set yourself a target of one video per week but fail to do so, then this will become you explain to subscribers why you were unable to post.

7. Get viewers to subscribe

It is quite an obvious technique and is used by top bloggers now. When your video is completed, you can consider asking people to subscribe to your channel. This is a simple way of encouraging more subscribers. Some creators also choose to place the subscriber plug at the end of the video. So make sure you do something similar. It will be like a message stating to enjoy more fun videos by subscribing to the channel.

8. Add subtitles to make the channel more accessible

A great thing to attract subscribers will be with the user experience. Besides coming up with quality content, it is important that you engage them for better results. For that, you can consider adding some subtitles. This will make it easy for them to understand the video even when it is not in their preferred language. Also, it will help your content rank higher in the YouTube algorithm. This means more people will be able to visit your channel, and thus there will be better chances of getting more subscribers.

9. Create an identity of your own channel

You will notice that successful bloggers on YouTube have got a clear visual theme throughout the entire channel. Everything from the title to the theme will be decided to create a mood. There are various details that you can put focus on. For instance, you can.

  • See that your thumbnail clearly represents the content you are posting
  • Have a banner to help the visitors get an idea of who you are and the type of content they will receive on your channel
  • Make an intro video to engage the audience and keep them interested

10. Take help from a digital marketing company

A good digital marketing strategy will work best for your success. People are considering the use of the same to reach out to the audience better. If you are facing difficulty getting more subscribers, you can consider finding a good digital marketing agency to make your job easy. As they are specialized in the industry, they will know the measures that can be taken to boost your channel and help it get the results that you require.


YouTube is a great platform to post videos and have a better chance of earning. However, it is important that your channel has got the required number of subscribers and views to make it a reality. In such a case considering help from a good digital marketing agency will be helpful. Gaurish Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is the most trusted one. They will provide you right services. After understanding your specific goal, they will come up with the proper strategy that will work well to help you get the best outcomes.