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Build Notification WP Plugin

Display custom notifications, announcements, and alerts on your website without any struggle.

Plugin Introduction

Our “Build Notification plugin” gives you custom notifications and alerts without any struggle. Notify anyone about any action in your WordPress. You can customize your messages without any difficulty. You can quickly set up notifications in your WordPress admin through the “Build Notification” settings.
Generally, Notifications appear at the top of the screen and center of the page. They carry important announcements or messages and alert for users. They can be used for offers, discounts, messages, or important announcements and can effectively notify message to users. If your website is built with WordPress, you must use our Build Notification plugin.


General Settings

In a general setting, the user can simply toggle notifications On or Off and provide different types of notifications

Title setting

Headline settings allow you to customize “headline text, headline tags, margins, and padding”.

Sub Headline Settings

Sub Headline Settings allow you to customize the Sub headline text, Sub headline tags, margins, and padding.

Content Settings

Content settings allow you to customize the content text you want to change, and also change the font size, line height, margins, and padding.

Advance Settings

Advance settings allow to display the notification whether the message on the website is displayed on the entire site or on the front/home page.

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