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In recent years, the online market and business have multiplied across every sector possible. You can always find numerous websites regarding the services or products you are looking for. So, as a business owner with a presence in the online market, how can you bring more traffic to your website and convert those visitors into clients? The solution is a properly designed user-centered landing page. It will help you to attract people to your website and make them explore your products and services. However, certain factors also facilitate the effectiveness of a landing page and increase your conversion rate.

Making a Navigable Hierarchy

Whenever a new person enters your page, their first focus is to orient themselves according to your site. Hence it will be helpful to integrate a navigation hierarchy that will highlight the page’s objective. You will need this in every structure of the website. Even if a logo can take visitors to the pages’ central area, a hierarchy is necessary for proper functioning. This is an intricate process; hence, hiring professional services like Gaurish Technologies is helpful.

Distributing Contact Information

Sharing your contact information is a great way to build up your trustworthiness and legitimacy in your plans. No one wants to do business when there are issues regarding proper communication. Therefore it is essential to integrate your contact information on the landing pages for convincing users. Moreover, you can also add a toll-free phone number in the navigation bar alongside email or live chat information. Users feel more secure when they can find different ways of contacting the party they will spend their money on.

Integrating a Search Option

A search bar is a crucial part of any website. In most cases, people go inside a website and then look for the search option to find the things they desire. According to the latest studies, websites with the semantic-based search option highlighting related items only have a shopping cart abandonment rate of 2%. Some websites include some of the available inventory under the fold for better user convenience.

Understanding the Target Audience

Every website owner should know the reasons that are preventing new clients from entering their portals. Every business needs to cater to the audience and use new methods to attract more people. Therefore you can look for the search phrases most clients use while searching for a service or product. You can also talk to your customers regarding the problems they encountered when they landed on your page. This will help you to build a more compatible and convenient website for your target audience. Integrate the main and attractive phrases related to your business on the landing page to keep users hooked to the site.

Adding Pad Links

Nowadays, most people use smartphones to stay online, and therefore they make up more than half of all the internet traffic. According to the latest research, 54.8% of website visitors use smartphones to enter portals. However, smartphones have smaller screens which makes tapping on buttons and links very hard. Therefore, the ideal solution is to increase the target area of tappable options. You can add padding around the links to increase the clickable region, making your website ideal for mobile users. The best method will be hiring experts to customize your landing page according to mobile users’ convenience.

Adding Videos

Reports from 2021 suggest that 73% of consumers buy a product only after watching a video about it. Therefore you need to integrate videos on your landing pages to take advantage of the current situation. The best option is to add videos highlighting your product and its usability in real life, starting with an engaging commercial and then moving on to the information part.

Removing Clutter

No one likes the main page of a website to be clumsy and full of non-important features. The best designs should mix simplicity and empty spaces to entice visitors. You need to remove the unnecessary elements that are cluttering your landing page and not catering to the needs of your visitors. You can also tackle such a situation by making different landing pages to address various kinds of buyers and their needs. However, if you are uncertain about what a visitor will search on your main page, you can always use heat maps to track their activity on your landing page and act accordingly. Therefore a user can only opt for the primary call-to-action (CTA) to scan the landing page properly. You can hire professional web designing services to help you with the best version of your main page.

Using Directional Cues

Clients and visitors, when visiting your website, can often get lost while looking for certain services. Therefore you can integrate directional cues to instruct visitors on how they can proceed within your website. This is also an effective way of directing them to the CTA button. You can also use directional cues to bring people to your page and make them look at the products you want to highlight.

Conducting thorough testing

Testing is one of the most valuable ways to create the ideal user-centered landing pages. You must never back out on the testing procedures as it will be the keystone of your website’s success. First of all, you need to know what your audience wants and make changes according to their preferences. You need to have more than one version of your landing page for testing and using the best one on your website. With property testing and placing the essential features, your landing pages can bring proper traffic to your website, thus helping your business to rise. However, testing is not a very easy job, and hence it is advisable to take help from experts such as Gaurish Technologies, Gwalior.

How Gaurish Technologies, Gwalior can help You?

You can always create your landing page and customize it at your will. However, to increase your business range, professional help will always be more effective. One such service provider is Gaurish Technologies, Gwalior. We will take care of every aspect of creating the perfect landing page for your website and your visitors. Their team of experts systematically chalks out the main page’s layout after proper analysis and makes it ideal for cross-platform use. Gaurish technologies, Gwalior, with an experience of more than 300 projects across 30 countries, are hence the perfect web development associate to take your business to the next level.