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How to Import, Update, and Bulk Edit WooCommerce Products

Are you searching for whether there is an easy-to-implement method to import, update, and bulk edit WooCommerce products?

You will find your answers in the article.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce has emerged as an extension of WordPress that is currently the most prevalent website creator worldwide. It enables the user to develop an eCommerce website from scratch and add all the required features to the existing WordPress website. WooCommerce is downloadable and useable for free.

WooCommerce is one of the worlds leading commercial platforms at the present time. According to data published in September 2021, the platform supplies power to 93% of the WordPress eCommerce sites and 28% of the eCommerce site all across the globe. WooCommerce, formed by Woo, meets several commercial requirements of the business with its primary products. The capability to import, update and bulk edit product information is another segment where WooCommerce has stepped its feet. A large number of users have rapidly grasped the plugin because of its easy installation and customization process and the irreplaceable market position it has acquired.

The data-entry manual tools in WooCommerce have been prepared and designed, using the latest technological base to enter and maintain the data on each product but not to accomplish the large-scale activities like,

  • Buying product data from vendors
  • Implementing updates from suppliers
  • Performing bulk edits

This article will discuss how to complete the tasks using all import and export plugins.

How to Import and Update New WooCommerce Products?

Several WooCommerce stores keep products from various suppliers or vendors. Over the years, the range of products varies – new products have been added, and the old ones have been eliminated. The current products continue to evolve with time. You can send simple product types like variable products, external products, downloadable products, grouped products, product bundles, and virtual products for importation.

  1. Import the New WooCommerce Products In the WordPress menu, navigate to All Import New Import Afterwards, follow the subsequent steps to complete the import process.

    Step 1: Download a File.

    Step 2: Choose from the URL.

    Step 3: Copy and Paste the URL.

    Step 4: Click on the Green Download Button. It validates the downloaded file.

    Step 5: After the validation process is complete, you can select New Items.

    Step 6: In the New List, select WooCommerce Products.

    Step 7: Click on the Continue button.

    The last step will take you to the next steps.

  2. Review the Imported Files

    The Review Import File is widely used for the detailed verification and interpretation of the imported files. In this step, the system verifies the imported records, and the incoming documents seem to be correct.

3. Aligning the Incoming Columns to the WooCommerce Product Fields

The drag and drop menu lets one map the data columns to the WooCommerce fields. The subsequent steps to be followed at this stage:

Step 1: Expand the Title and Description Panel

Step 2: Drag the Title, Content, and Short Description to the fields displayed at the top. The user must note that the column and the field names don’t have a match. The mapping counts here.

Disintegrate the Title and Description Panel.

  1. Expand the WooCommerce Add-On Panel.
  2. Set the Product Type to “Simple Product”.
  3. Select the “General Tab”.
  4. Drag the selected incoming columns to the WooCommerce target fields.

After that,

  1. Choose the “Inventory Tab”.
  2. Activate the ‘Yes’ button of Manage Clock.
  3. Drag the Incoming Stock Column to the WooCommerce Stock Quantity field.

Close the WooCommerce Add-On Panel.

  1. Expand the Images Panel.
  2. Choose the Downloaded Images Hosted Elsewhere option.
  3. Drag the Imageurl Incoming column to the edit box.

After completing these steps, click on Continue to Step 4 and Go to the Import Settings.

  1. Click on the “Auto-detect” button.
  2. Click “Continue”.
  3. Click the “Confirm” and Run Import Button.

To verify whether the import process is successful, the user needs to navigate to “Products”>“All Products” in the Main Menu. The new products must appear at the top-most section of the list with correct names, prices, images, SKUs, and stock levels.

How to Update WooCommerce Products?

A few months after you had added the new WooCommerce products, your vendor sent you a new product. Now the file contains the following:

  1. The products you just created.
  2. The new product
  3. Numerous price and stock quantity changes

How to incorporate the updates into your WooCommerce Store?

WordPress All Import maintains the previous data records, including imports and exports. Navigate to “All Import “> “Manage Imports” in the main menu to see the status. Hold the click on the imported files that you just ran, and click on the Import Settings link when it appears. In the Import Settings –

  1. Replace the original URL with the newly updated URL.
  2. Click on Save Import Configuration.

While controlling the data that you update,

  1. Click on the Choose “Which Data to Update” option on the screen.

The screen lets you control every action to the possible data element with an update.

How to Bulk Edit WooCommerce Products?

The default of WooCommerce bulk editing is one of the core WordPress functionalities. Many entrepreneurs overlook the importance of this ideal tool.

You can follow the subsequent steps to complete the process;

Step 1: Go to WP Dashboard> Products and Check the Products you wish to Edit.

Step 2: Select the ‘Edit’ option from the ‘Bulk Actions’.

Step 3: Click on “Apply”. A bulk edit window will come up. You can leverage the appropriate areas to bulk add a product category, update the status, change prices and features, and manage inventory.

Step 4: Click on the blue “Update” button.

Following the steps, you can bulk edit a bunch of products. The system has a few limitations:

  1. It does not feature the best User Experience.
  2. One cannot select multiple items across multiple admin dashboard pages.
  3. It cannot offer you enough filters.
  4. You cannot work on complex product types.

While bulk editing WooCommerce products, YITH is the best model you can use. With the help of this plugin, you can easily filter the products that you want to bulk edit and modify the information, price, description, custom fields, etc. The core features of the YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product comprise:

  1. Bulk Edit Any Default Product Field.
  2. Filter by title, date, category, tag, prices, attributes, SKUs
  3. Bulk Edit the variable products.
  4. Create new products.
  5. Import/Export XML data.
  6. Bulk Edit custom fields.
  7. Add suffix or prefix to any texts or descriptions.

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