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School Gurus

School Gurus is an online School Management Software to help the school complies with the changes in report card patterns of the central board of secondary education (CBSE) India.

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School Gurus application

School Gurus application is a complete online school management app.The app has the following two modules

  1. Teacher
  2. Student/ Parent

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Laravel User Management

Laravel User Manager + Material Design Admin Dashboard Theme + Roles and Permissions is a Complete Build of Laravel Framework 6.12.0 and Google Material Design v1.3 with User Registration, Multiple Accounts Login Authentication

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Mischi Education Technology Co., Ltd. is a local company. Dedicated to the development of preschool teaching software for more than ten years. In the early years, he served the product research and development of domestic and foreign educational institutions in China, South Korea, and the United States in the form of OEM, and accumulated rich experience.

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School Management

Our School Management software is loaded with various useful modules to help school managing their data efficiently for their day to day activities..

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Billing Software

We have designed GST Software to solve every day operational problems faced by small-scale businesses. Starting from billing to sale, purchase, inventory & commerce, Gaurish Technologies

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We launch our application “SHELFY” with one of the best religious ebook “SHIV Pooja,” where you get all the information of Shiv Pooja Methods.

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This project designed for those who are interested in learning vocab like Chinese, Korean, and English. This app gives the user great graphical interface to understand words from Chinese Korean, with audio & video to understand and learn the pronunciation of words.

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This app will help you to remind about the due date of all your bills, Insurance Premiums, etc. so that you can avoid the late fee or missing premiums due dates.

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Spell Champ

Spell Champ is designed for Spelling contests (like Marrs spelling bee etc.) in India and South Asian region. This application is useful for junior grades (level 1, level 2) only. The application has around 1000 words, along with the meaning and audio pronunciation.

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This application has all information about twelve Jyotirlinga aka dwadash jyotirlinga (12 Jyotirlinga).

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