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Service Ticket Generator

Service Ticket Generator + Ticket Admin Dashboard + User/Tickets Roles and Assign

Product Introduction

Service Ticket Generator application built on Laravel Framework 10.2.0 and Latest Design Theme with User Registration, Multiple Accounts Login Authentication (i.e. Super Admin, Employee User, Company Admin & Normal User), With easy setup User Roles, User Profiles Edit, and Dynamic Ticket Assign System with Services Type Add / Edit / Remove.


Laravel Framework 10.2.0
  • CSRF Protection
  • Blade layout with Master
  • Migrations & Seeding Database Set Up
  • Clean and Expressive Code
Responsive Design Admin Panel Theme
  • Attractive Interface
Sign In/Sign Up
  • Sign Up
  • Sign In
  • Multiple Accounts Login (i.e. Super Admin, Employee User, Company Admin & Normal User)
  • Forgot Password
  • Remember Password
  • Profile Update
Ticket Generator form & Manager
  • Ticket List
  • View Ticket
  • Add Ticket
  • Edit Ticket
  • Delete Ticket
  • Assign Ticket to users
  • Screenshots upload to Ticket
  • Add Comments to Ticket
  • Manage Ticket Status (ToDo , In Progress, Closed, Completed)
  • Excel Download Tickets
Users Manager
  • Users List
  • View User
  • Add User
  • Edit User
  • Delete User
  • Excel Download Users
Dashboard Panel
  • All Tickets
  • Completed Tickets
  • ToDo Tickets
  • In Progress Tickets
Edit Profile
  • Update Profile Information
  • Upload Profile Picture
  • Update Business Information
  • Upload Business Registration Picture
Compatible with Bootstrap 4
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