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Spell Champ

Spell Champ is designed for Spelling contests (like Marrs spelling bee etc.) in India and South Asian region. This application is useful for junior grades (level 1, level 2) only. The application has around 1000 words, along with the meaning and audio pronunciation. The meanings are worded in everyday language so that kids can grasp the words quickly. The Audio is within the application with Asian-British accent and is very easy to understand. The words are presented in the form of exercises of seven words. After revision, the word can be tested using one of the two ways, by choosing the correct spelling and by typing the spelling after hearing the word. The exercise data is captured and presented to parents where they can see the progress.
New exercises can be created with the words where the child is having the problem. The exercise data can be grouped into stages to track the progress and measure the retention at different intervals.

This App will run without internet connection once installed. The application is performance tested to suit all kind of devices.

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