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In the contemporary digitized world, where everything is the demarcation between the online and the offline is getting blurry, the significance of software and applications is at an all-time high. However, the catch is that the demand for software far surpasses the supply of coders. As per the CEO at GitHub, ‘the future of coding is no coding at all.’ As the name suggests, a no-code business application is a platform that is constructed and designed sans coding. Likewise, no-code business development frameworks are innovative instruments that empower citizen developers to take the software development and app development into their own hands, as every business is a software business nowadays.

As already mentioned, there is a massive gulf in the demand and supply of coders currently. It is in such a context that no-code app development comes into the picture. It is worth mentioning that no-code application development tools have helped thousands of organizations escape skill shortages in the software sector. As per Forrester, the no-code development domain will grow from USD 3.8 billion in 2017 to USD 21.2 billion by 2022. The recent acquisition of AppSheet by Google further illustrates the veracity of no-code development and the enormous potential it harbors as a no-nonsense software development solution. Thus, it would not be erroneous to say that the mainstream-ization of no-code business applications is right around the corner. If the struggle of finding the right coding team for your application is taking a toll on the growth of your organization, then it is high time that you consider no-code business application development.


In a layperson’s language, no-code development can be defined as a software application designed without coding. Thus, it is an alternative to traditional software applications and is ideal for non-technical business users hoping to build their full-fledged applications. In case you are a small business that lacks the budget to hire an assortment of coders and developers, then no-code platforms will be your ‘knight in shining armor.’ For example, Gaurish Technologies and its experienced team can provide you with all the assistance to build the quintessential no-code business application. It goes without saying that no-code applications are revolutionizing the software industry in multiple ways. Opting for a no-code platform equips companies with the right tools to become citizen developers. Therefore, business developers and other non-programmer developers can jump in to meet the demands for fast application delivery and building web and mobile applications on their own.


The methodology of no-code business application is premised on the promotion of app development using visually enhanced interfaces and zero code components. The platforms that foster the creator of no-code apps offer a graphically dominant app-building experience through their drag and drop interface. The applications that you can build are based on forms and reports, and you get options to automate workflows without hand coding. Thus, the crux of the matter is the application code is already written and optimized on the backend and is automatically configured as the user builds different modules of the application. Furthermore, most no-code application platforms extend an enhanced and highly stimulating app-building experience from scratch, irrespective of your expertise. At Gaurish Technologies, you can find the right set of tools to design the no-code application of your dreams.


The underlying principle of no-code business development is that even non-functional users can deploy visually oriented tools to create a complete web or mobile application. Furthermore, the tools associated with no-code development are user-friendly and have a drag-drop interface that detangles the complications of creating an app. So, now that we have talked at length about no-code applications let us look at some merits of the same.

  1. Better Agility – As most of the app development in no-code platforms is done via a drag-and-drop interface, built visually with preemptive modules, they are a lot faster and thus more agile. Furthermore, the testing of such applications is also automated, which further cuts down development time.
  2. All-encompassing Nature – The most significant appeal of no-code development is that it is easy to use and allows non-programmers to quickly pump out apps or workflows.
  3. Cost-effective – Unsurprisingly, a software development team can burn a hole in your company’s pocket. However, no-code solutions provide businesses of all sizes and types leeway to bypass the budgetary detriments by taking away a massive chunk of the overhead costs of acquiring skilled coders. Thus, it becomes doable to build apps faster and cheaper in the grand scheme of things.
  4. Heightened Productivity – As no-code development platforms foster the building of apps at a quicker pace, teams’ productivity accelerates. Therefore, your company’s IT staff is not overloaded with requests from all other departments. What previously took months to be complete can be done in a matter of days with no-coding solutions.
  5. Highly Adaptable –One of the biggest cons of traditional hand-coding is that it is rigid and relatively immutable. Thus, the implication is that you can change functionality or feature at the drop of a hat, especially if the coding is a foreign language. On the contrary, no-code business application solutions mean that you can change something at your whims and fancies and implement new logic whenever you want within a matter of hours.
  6. There we have it, an overview of the various advantages of no-code business applications in contemporary times.

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