What is CRM, and why is it essential for a business | Gaurish Technology Pvt Ltd

Customer information and customer relation is key to any business. When a new business is started, I have observed that they mostly focus on their business’s core processes, and somehow customer information always sidetracks.

For any business, it is essential to keep records of all their customer information in such a way so that down the line, you can utilize that data to pull information out of it to be able to make essential business decisions.

Businesses generally don’t consider when they are small and have very few customers because they can easily manage the data, and all info is at the top of their heads. When the business starts growing, you start realizing the importance of customer info, mostly old customer info, to quickly and effectively send an email.

There are many CRM available in the market, and I found Bitrix24 is very competitive; it not-only provides many features forfree, but the paid version is also inexpensive.

In a noticeably short period, Bitrix24 has partnered with 10,000 partners and acquired 6 million clients from 150 countries, and the number keeps on growing. The global partner network of Bitrix24 is extraordinarily strong.

A few of the recent clients are as below.

  • Samsung Europe
  • Istanbul Subway
  • Nigeria Armed Forces
  • University of Luxenberg
  • National data Management Guyana

The advantages of using bitrix24 are.

  • It is available in 18 languages; each user can select their language.
  • It is an All in one business solution.
  • You will have to pay for the company, not for users.
  • Cloud and on-premise versions are available.
  • The Global Partner Network is robust.
  • Bitrix24 provider an excellent API that can be used for any integrations.
  • You can create a custom workflow.
  • Mobile App.

Bitrix24 is not only a CRM, but it has modules for each department of a business. It is a single solution that an organization can use. Below is the list of modules available in Bitrix24.

  • CRM & Sales (Leads | Deals | Contact | Company | Commercial Catalog | Document Templates | Email Campaigns | Calls |Chats | Ad Campaigns | Automation | Reports)
  • Project Management (Task Management | Time Tracking | Reporting Charts )
  • HR Management (Employees Management | Leaves Management)
  • Internal and external communications (Calls | Chats | Social Media Account Management)
  • Contact Center
  • Website Builder and
  • Marketing Tools (Email Campaigns | Ads)

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