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Are you intrigued about the benefits of AMP for your business and whether it’s beneficial? You’ve reached the right place. AMP is a free, open-source project that focuses on increasing web browsing by reducing page load times. 

While speedier online browsing is appealing, it isn’t the only cause why website owners are creating stripped-down mobile layouts. Important uses suggest that AMP will have a huge impact on the growth of website publications. In this post, we’ll go over the basics of AMP as well as its perks. 

What is AMP? 

AMP stands for accelerated mobile page, and it’s a type of publication technology that can help a site and its content perform better. Accelerated Mobile Pages (hence known as AMP) is a global initiative with a single key goal: to create mobile websites that load faster. This new project introduces AMP HTML, a new coding language that limits code to improve loading speed and reliability. 

The project is just around six months old at the time of writing. Still, participation from publishers, technology suppliers, and developers around the world has grown quickly, including the BBC, Twitter, Adobe, News Corp, New York Times, and Washington Post, to name a few. 

The differences between AMP and non-AMP pages aren’t extremely evident to the untrained eye. The subtle differences can only be detected when a user consciously clicks on an AMP search result or knows what to look for.  

The page’s loading speed, which is incredibly fast, will also give you the best indication that anything is wrong with it. Remember that AMP pages have many of the elements that cause slow loading times disabled, allowing them to load up to 85 percent quicker than non-AMP pages. 

Useful Applications of AMP 

AMP pages are a thinned-out form of a standard mobile page, leading to a speedier viewing experience. Graphics or buttons which aren’t vital for communicating your message are eliminated, leaving the written or visual content as the page’s primary focus. These problems can occur when AMP pages utilize a subset of regular HTML format. 

Google will utilize AMP to swiftly serve content to mobile devices without requiring visitors to visit a web page to read it. If you’re watching this on your mobile, you can see an example of AMP in Google’s search results here. 

Pages possessing a valid AMP variant will appear in a carousel above the rest of the results for a specific subject in the mobile results. 

Benefits of AMP 

  • Increased traffic and higher SEO rankings

Improved surfing quality are some of the best methods for site owners to attract more traffic. AMP’s focus on lightweight information accomplishes just that. Furthermore, the AMP set of standards assists site owners in reducing page load time, which boosts the user experience and increases the chances of visitors staying on-site for extended periods. Mobile compatibility and page load speed timings are well-known ranking factors, and AMP is not currently a separate ranking factor. Since AMP helps improve page loading times and mobile-friendliness, it’s also quite likely that a website built with AMP will have higher rankings than slower and unresponsive sites. 

  • Reduced Bounce Rate and Increased On-Site Time

Faster loading pages enhance the likelihood of your visitors staying on your pages longer because the experience is quick and straightforward. According to a Google study, if a mobile site takes longer than three seconds to load, 53% of visitors quit it. Publishers using AMP should experience a reduced bounce rate and, in certain cases, a 2x increment spent on a page. 

  • Increased Ad Views Potential

The HTML in AMP is written in such a way that ads and graphics are more usable overall. This implies that the ad viewability rate should be higher, which will help publishers commercialize their sites. 

  • A higher click-through rate is associated with being featured in the Quick Google Top Stories Carousel. 

One of the huge advantages of AMP is that it permits pages to show in the Google Search Top Stories carousel. The carousel shows at the top of all searches when users search for information on their mobile devices, urging them to click this content first. 

  • Mobile users can benefit from a quick loading page.

Given that AMP was developed for this objective, it’s no surprise that one of the key benefits of website pages developed is that they load lightning fast on mobile devices. This is critical because studies show that mobile visitors quit websites that take longer than three seconds to load; as a response, businesses who use AMP may be capable of reducing mobile abandonment and improving conversions. 

Examples of AMP 

Publishers who opt to generate AMP editions of their content will still require a conventional desktop version. If you possess an AMP version of a page, for example, you should identify it with an AMP HTML link on the desktop page, which will send Google to your AMP HTML page.  

Consequently, publications that choose to use AMP will have an AMP HTML version of their page on their domain, as well as a conventional HTML version. Every news item on the Guardian website has an AMP version, which you can get simply by adding or amp to the end of any news article on the Guardian site. 

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Summing up  

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